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Welcome to Lake Valley

Our community website was developed by Lake Valley to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Neighborhood News ~
sent 9/6/17
Hello, Lake Valley! 
Summer's end will soon be here :(  - but that just means it is time to PARTY out the season, LAKE VALLEY style, and get a chance to meet some neighbors in the process!  
It is time for the 2017 Block Party!
WHEN:  Friday, Sept 8th....from 7pm - 10pm
WHERE:  The neighborhood pool in The Shores
We will have the Shores pool open for one last splash during this get together, so bring your towel and suit if desired, come and go as you please, and be ready to see some new faces and get to know those who share Lake Valley with you!
January 20, 2016
Hey residents!  Just a reminder!  Please do your best to utilize garages and driveways for parking.  The neighborhood continues to grow, and that means more automobiles!  So do your part to keep the streets safe and clear!
August 20, 2016
Dear Residents,
We want to wish all of the students good luck for the 2016-2017 School Year.
As a reminder please exercise child safety driving awareness around the neighborhood and around our school bus zones.

Lake Valley HOA 

March 27, 2013
Lake Valley Residents,
There is a need to change our policy regarding reserving the pool for private parties.
An issue surfaced in the reservation process last year at one of our other neighborhoods
that has caused the owners to reevaluate the process of reserving neighborhood pools for
private parties.
There is a clear consensus that the pool is a neighborhood amenity and when it is open it
should be open to the entire community. For the 2013 swimming season the pool will be opened
to everyone on Monday from 3:00 PM until closing. 
We hope this new policy will eliminate potential areas of conflict and will best serve the majority of 
Lake Valley Residents.
Phil Sewell
HOA Manager
918 376-6537
Neighborhood Watch Program
The Neighborhood Watch Program is active in Lake Valley.   Everyone needs to work together to increase the safety of the neighborhood for everyone who resides here.
Be an alert neighbor!  If you see anything suspicious, please call the police so they can investigate the person(s) or situation.  This is your neighborhood, it takes everyone's active involvement to keep it safe.
If you have been a victim of vandalism, please call the Owasso Police department to file a report.  If you see vandalism taking place, please call the Police immediately so they can help to catch the vandals.
Pool Codes for New Residents
For pool rules and hours please click on the Pool Information selection in the left hand column.
Pool codes do not change from year to year, they are the same.  Please use the code you were given last year.  If you haven't been issued a code yet, please email the following information to your HOA manager:
Full Name:
Full Address:
Name of Neighborhood:
Please know that if you have not paid your dues, your code will not work.

Be sure to use your garage and driveway for daily parking, as parking in the street causes traffic concerns and could lead to a fender bender due to tight driving conditions from the vehicles being parked on the roadway.
Dogs and Animal Issues
Situation: Someone walks their dog(s) and fails to remove the excrement or feces from anothers yard.
Solution: Please Call the city code enforcement officer Robert Stacy at 918.376.1500 to report this.  City ordinance 4-119 states a fine of $169 will be issued to offending pet owner.   Please be courteous when walking your 4 legged friends and they make a visit to a neighbor’s property.
Situation: Animals running loose in the neighborhood or dogs that bark excessively
Solution: Call Owasso Animal Control 918-272-4965
Give them the address of where you saw loose animal or where you think the barking dog is located and they will respond.
Situation: Report lost or found animal
Solution: City ordinance 4-182 states that it is unlawful to possess a stray animal for more than 24 hours without first reporting such possession to the Animal Shelter. Impounded animals are held for 3 days and are then available for disposition. Persons reporting lost or found animals are required to report the lost animal in person or online; phone reports will not be taken.
Some Frequently Asked Questions:
•What is an HOA Issue and What is a "Neighbor to Neighbor" issue?
HOA issue: When the neighborhood covenants are being broken, vandalism, general maintenance and well being of the neighborhood assets (pool, swing set etc...) are in danger of being compromised; then that is considered an HOA issue.
Neighbor to Neighbor issue: When a neighbor is doing something you don't like, ie...parking infront of your mail box, not edging his/her back yard etc.. and you want to HOA to get involved. Legally, the HOA cannot get involved with neighbor to neighbor issues. If you have issues with your neighbor, please talk to your neighbor directly or call the police to help you resolve your issue.
•Who can I report cars that are parked on the street for a long time to?
This is a City Code violation as well as an HOA covenant violation. For the quickest solution, call the Code Enforcement Officer for Owasso:
Robert Stacy - 918-376-1500
•Who do I call if a Street Lamp is out in the neighborhood?
As a homeowner, you have the right to report the problem directly to AEP/PSO.
Log on to their website, complete the form, and submit.
Who do I report potholes or streets that need attention to?
Contact the City of Owasso General Services Manager, Tim Doyle at or call 918-272-4959.


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~ Contact Us ~
Lake Valley HOA
PO Box 1290 Owasso, OK 74055
Office: 918-376-6537  Fax: 918-376-6837
Certified Public Accountant
Angela Doyle
Office: 918-376-9235  
Office Hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00! 




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